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Guild Events
Welcome to Ravens of the Veil! est. 2001

This Incarnation: Guild Wars 2 - Primary WvW Server = Sanctum of Rall

General Activity Schedule (generally form about 8:15 Eastern US time):
Sunday - Guild Missions (bounty, rush, challenge)
Monday - WvW
Wednesday - Guild Missions (bounty, puzzle, trek)
Friday - Drunken sPvP

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You must be like the wolf pack, not the six-pack.

We run TeamSpeak 3 voice client as our default voice server:

TS3 Info (*note new server*):
I cannot stress enough to use TS when on team missions, even if you can't talk, use TS to help coordinate activities

Do not cringe. TS3 is really a nice voice client. It's much better than vent. You can also download a Duke Nukem plugin to let you feel the awesomeness as you change channels.

Here's a fan video that does GW2 justice... enjoy

Guild News

sPvP Night

Yurtil, Nov 2, 13 9:49 AM.
Our sPvP night has turned out to be a great success.  It's a way to bond as a guild and for us to talk about character builds that will work in PvP, WvW, and PvE.  The maps are generally a lot of fun (except Skyhammer) and the trash talking on TeamSpeak is stellar.  

I want to thank Mystik for fronting the Guild's arena.  I will edit this post to link his twitch TV stream.  All in all, this is a GREAT addition to our Guild activities.

Status of the Ravens

Yurtil, Oct 9, 13 12:32 PM.
We are greater than one year post release of Guild Wars 2.  The Ravens were here at the start and have ebbed and flowed with the various releases and the other MMOs that have released over the year.  At this point, October 9, 2013, we are back to a strength that we haven't really seen since the first few months of release.  We have been recruiting strongly and have found some EXCELLENT new members.  The current incarnation of RotV is a really good crew, with members that have been hanging in since the beginning and new members that seem like they have always been Ravens.  

I am not the Guildmaster. We are sort of an autonomous collective...
Dennis: I told you, we're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week...
King Arthur: Yes...
Dennis: ...but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting...
King Arthur: Yes I see...
Dennis: a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs...
King Arthur: Be quiet!
Dennis: ...but by a two thirds majority in the case of...
King Arthur: Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!
Woman: Order, eh? Who does he think he is?

I digress...  At any rate, our leadership revolves around the 'orange cloaks' and I think it's working.  We're moving forward with new and great people.  For all of our new members, I would thank you for being part of this community.  This incarnation of the guild is strong and I'm really having a blast.


Yurtil, Aug 24, 13 11:10 PM.
Alright, we have a few new members and are starting to see sparks of life in the old Ravens.  We need to start up guild missions again and other guild events (like dungeons, maybe some wvw, etc...).  New members, please sign up on the website.  I'll try to get some suggestions organized and hopefully we can make some progress... Also, keep recruiting.  It would be nice to bring more into the fold.

Also, would like to welcome back an old friend from DAoC, Sidearious.  Brush off your orange cloak brother.

Open up your map!!

Yurtil, Mar 7, 13 5:53 PM.
If you want to participate in our guild bounty runs (and I believe that you should, it's a lot of fun), you need to be at least around level 70 and to have all waypoints unlocked in the following zones:

Blazeridge Steppes
Brisban Wildlands
Diessa Plateau
Fields of Ruin
Fireheart Rise
Frostgorge Sound
Gendarran Fields
Harathi Hinterlands
Iron Marshes
Kessex Hills
Lornar’s pass
Mount Maelstrom
Snowden Drifts
Southsun Cove
Sparkfly Fens
Timberline Falls

You also need to be on TeamSpeak and ready to go during our runs.  Unlocking the waypoints is easy and doesn't take that much time. (I did it in about 6ish hours of play time).  There are two points that you need to know:
1) You will only get commendations for doing the run once in a 7-day period, but that should not stop us for doing it twice a week.  It's fun and is good for guild teamwork.
2) We only have a short time to find the bounty and kill them.

I put the runs on the calendar.  You don't need to sign up, just show up!!!  We would like to get 3 groups to do this.  We currently have an easy two.

Recruit, Bitches!!!

Yurtil, Feb 27, 13 5:10 PM.
Hopefully the well placed comma will indicate that we don't want bitches.. well, anymore bitches than we already have ;) NO, we need to recruit!!! Our membership is solid.  For a small guild, we gain more influence than guilds 2x our size, but the new guild event content requires us to build up the guild some more.  We need to grow to survive, so get out there and bring in more people!

That is all for now :)

Ravens on Sanctum of Rall

Yurtil, Nov 12, 12 11:13 AM.

It’s been about a month since our transfer to Sanctum of Rall and therefore probably a good time to reflect on the move and discuss our guild in general.  First of all, I recognize that we lost some good people in the move.  That is unfortunate, but we would have lost more if we didn’t decide to move.  We would have lost the guild.

I believe that our move to Sanctum of Rall was a good choice.  SoR has been moving between #5 and #6 in the overall server rankings and our World versus World battles have been fierce and exciting.  We have been up against some HUGE guilds on the other servers like PRX and FOE.  Many of those battles were defeats by the blunt trauma from superior numbers, but despite the zerg rushes we had to endure, we were also very successful.

I believe that we have established ourselves as the special forces of Sanctum of Rall.  We strike fast and move on.  We are usually the tip of the sword and don’t like the zerg.  Field commanders from other guilds are starting to notice.  We are being sent to react quickly and get results.  I like this role.  I also like the fact that we are making a name for ourselves as a fiercely competent guild.

For many of these reasons, I believe that we should remain on SoR.  We are not the top server, but we are a feisty competitor.  We don’t lie down and roll over.  The mega-zerg guilds won’t be able to keep that up for long.  There is no skill in the zerg and we have proven that they can be defeated by a smaller, well organized force.  Our fights are fun and require intelligence to succeed.  That is why I think that we should stay on SoR, but that’s my opinion.  I would like to hear your opinions  on this (points to the comment button above).

Portal Wars

Shivvers, Nov 11, 12 10:25 PM.
It would appear that a interesting change of strategy has taken place this week out in the Mists. The Raven forces clashed, once again, with the mighty guilds that represent Sea of Sorrows, and Isle of Janthir. However this time things were a bit different.

Portal Bombing, as the field operatives have been calling it, has become a very common, and not to mention a very effective, attack strategy. It relies on speed and surprise. When executed properly this attack will disrupt your enemies and allow you a few second of uninterrupted slaughter. If things should be begin to go poorly armies have been using this as a means of escape as well.

Last night the Raven forces employed this tactic multiple times with varying degrees of success. At one point this correspondent saw the small Raven force portal bomb into the front lines of a massive Sea of Sorrows and Isle of Jantir battle which resulted is heavily losses on all three sides. However the portal bomb attack effectively ended that battle, causing the SoS and IoJ forces to turn tail and run back the safety of their respective towers. There were no Raven survivors however. When asked about the sacrifice the Ravens had made, the acting field commander, Captain Tao replied, "That was fun."

Another instance of the Ravens employing the portal bomb came when they were under heavy siege weapon fire from the small island between Greenbriar and Bluelake. The enemy has Ballistas, Arrow Carts, and even a Trebuchet bombarding them. The small Raven force had been attempting to take out the weapons with no success, finally Captain Tao ordered all of the Ravens to rally in a small valley beach to launch their portal bomb. The fearless, and a bit crazy, mesmer, Ronny, executed a textbook portal drop right on top of the enemy trebuchet. Within seconds the enemy forces had been driven from the island and the Ravens celebrated yet another victory.

This correspondent caught up with the Raven's master portal bomber, Ronny, when asked if he had any comment on the island battle his response was simply, "We're pro."


Yurtil, Nov 10, 12 11:39 AM.

Last night (11/10/12) we did a lot in WvW.  First of all, with the change back to Standard Time, the server change over happened at 7 pm EST.  Even so, we managed to field two groups in the SoR Borderlands.  It was a hard fight, but by the time the majority of us logged (around midnight), we were able to take back the Garrison and the rest of the north side of the map, despite a huge push by the PRX guild (HUGE member base).

Our guild attacked the battlefield with professionalism and a high degree of competency.  At one point while we were all logged in on the public TS3 server, we decided to move down to another channel to better coordinate our guild groups.  The key point here is that leaders from other guilds came down to our channel to discuss strategy ... and then stayed there because we were organized and understood the battlefield.

Well done Ravens!!

Is that a flying cow?!

Taorel, Nov 7, 12 9:39 PM.
(AP) (Please read in your best Paul Harvey voice) Hello American's you know what the news is and now you will hear... the rest of the story. As the face of war changes so do the tactics of the Ravens. In a surprise departure from the norm, the Ravens took and held a Tower last night. Stopping a zerg that was passing by and in general strengthening the war efforts position in the SoR borderlands. This by it self would just be another footnote in the conflict except for a small charr named Alverstone, a rather slight fellow as far as they go, with a taste for going full orange( which we all know you NEVER do). It's well known that Kitten loves grenades,  Ronney loves catapults and nothing needs to be said about Sloane's Hammer, but Alverstone decided to be different and built a trebuchet, This weapon, normally used to siege walls, was used instead as a defensive structure. It covered the roads leading to Dawns Eire and shelled the supply camp to the east. Alverstone is now credited with the first ever Dolyak kill by trebuchet. When asked what he was thinking he cackled and with a knowing smile said " It's what we do."  And now you know... the rest of the story.      Good Day.

The Ravens

Taorel, Oct 19, 12 7:06 AM.
Just saying...

Was on vacation for 10 days, back.. will be on a little tonight, more on Friday.. I think
Andreas Röhm
Wednesday's events were a true learning experience and I am glad I had it with such a fine group of people.
Andreas Röhm
Had a blast durning last night's guild events ... looking forward to Wednesday's!
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